Best Motorcycle Helmet For Sun Protection

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Bright, sunny weather is a perfect time to hit the open road on your motorcycle for a ride, but make sure to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. The sun can blind you, making it hard to see, and damaging your eyes.

Which is why we’ve put together some of the best motorcycle helmets with sun protection features!

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Sun Protection 2023

best motorcycle helmet for sun protection

1. ILM 953-MB-L Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 953-MB-L Motorcycle Helmet is the best motorcycle helmet for sun protection. It has a UV-absorbing coating, which blocks 99% of harmful rays from the sun and other light sources that can affect your eyesight and cause sunburns.

It features an internal sun visor to shield your eyes from sunlight and allow you to see clearly even on bright sunny days. This visor is strong enough to withstand the rough movements of riding a motorcycle and will not break easily.

The ILM motorcycle helmet has a built in Bluetooth headset which allows the rider to answer, reject and redial incoming calls without having to remove your hands from the handlebars. It also comes with a microphone so you can talk while on the road. Music controls let you play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume right from within your helmet. This is an all-in-one solution for riders who are looking for a way to use their mobile devices safely and conveniently.

2. YEMA YM-925 Motorcycle Helmet

The YEMA YM-925 motorbike helmet is designed to provide ultimate protection and comfort. It comes with a detachable sun visor which will protect your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. As a result, you can say that this is one of the best helmet for sun protection.

The visor comes with two different shields. One shield is tinted to reduce the amount of harmful UV light that enters your eyes. The other shield is clear to shield your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices.

This helmet has a power-assisted ventilation system that keeps the driver cool and refreshed by moving warm air out of the cockpit and recirculating some fresh, cool air in for a pleasurable riding experience.

The shell is made out of high quality material, which can withstand high impact crashes and protect your head from flying debris. The inside of the helmet is lined with EPS foam, which absorbs impact and is designed to conform to the shape of the head.

3. AHR RUN-M Motorcycle Helmet

AHR RUN-M is a motorcycle helmet that will help you enjoy riding your motorbike in the sun while protecting your face and head with its full-face sun protection design.

This helmet has an innovative design with a retractable visor which can be operated quickly to provide the rider extra protection from the sun. The helmet provides maximum protection to the head and face and the visor can be retracted into the helmet at any time.

The helmet has a great ventilation system that keeps your head cool and dry. The technology used in the helmet is amazing! It has a cooling system built into it that keeps your head cool at all times. Even when riding in hot weather conditions, your head will be cool and dry. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed while riding.

The streamlined aerodynamic design of this helmet allows the rider to reach maximum speed. The outer shell is made of a material that is strong enough to prevent dents and dings, yet lightweight enough for the helmet to be streamlined. And, the price is affordable for almost any budget!

4. FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Helmet

The FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Helmet is the best motorcycle helmet for sun protection. It has a high-quality visor to protect you from harmful UV rays while riding your bike to make sure that you don’t suffer from over exposure to Sun’s radiation.

This helmet is designed to increase the visibility of a rider from all angles and provide maximum protection. It has a slim profile, making it aerodynamic and keep your head cool in hot weather conditions.

This helmet’s 3-dimensional ventilation system is truly revolutionary. The system is designed to bring cool air in and push hot air out. It does this by having a single opening on the front of the helmet to fit vent holes. The helmet also has built-in vents that cool the rider’s head by transferring hot air to the back of the helmet. There is an air pump that can be used to get maximum air flow, even on the hottest days.

Enjoy music, chatting and riding! BM2-S helmet is equipped with advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology, allowing riders to connect their phone via bluetooth and enjoy music or intercom while riding. The built-in noise canceling microphone allows rider to have a handsfree communication with your team mates during the journey. This Bluetooth helmet will make your life convenient and comfortable!

5. LS2 Valiant II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Valiant II helmet provides the best sun protection than any other helmet till date. It has a face shield that comes out at an angle to give you 100% UV protection on sunny days.

LS2’s Twin Shield System is a game-changer in the helmet industry. It features two shields that are independently operated by your fingertips, so you can lower both of them at once or just one to block out light and wind, create more airflow or just enjoy the unobstructed view.

The Valiant II also features Flow-Through Ventilation for superior air flow, keeping you cool on even the hottest days. The Flow-Through Ventilation features a large intake vent for maximum airflow, fast wicking mesh material for superior ventilation and anti-misting technology to keep you cool.

This helmet is equipped with LS2’s proprietary Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell that is meant to absorb impact upon impact. The result is a helmet that helps keep you safe and stable in the event of a fall. This helmet is not terribly heavy, which is excellent for riders who are looking for something lightweight and sleek for daily rides.


The ILM 953-MB-L Helmet is one of the best motorcycle helmet for sun protection. If you are looking for a high-quality helmet that will give you extra protection on sunny days, this is the helmet for you. The helmet comes with a visor that is made from clear acrylic, which is shatter resistant and will keep the sun out of your eyes. The helmet also comes with an anti-scratch visor. The helmet is lightweight. This will make it easier for you to ride your bike while wearing it.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Have UV Protection?

Yes, they do have UV protection. A person who rides a bike for at least an hour during the day is exposed to damaging UVA and UVB rays. It is very important to protect your eyes from such harmful rays by wearing a helmet that has got proper UV protection built in.


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