Best Motorcycle Helmet For Harley Davidson

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Choosing the best motorcycle helmet for Harley Davidson may seem easy but it can be surprisingly challenging. After all, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best protection out there for your head when you ride down the open highway.

That’s why I decided to write this guide; to help you decide which is the best helmet for Harley Davidson.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Harley Davidson 2023

best motorcycle helmet for harley davidson

1. Shoei Neotec II Helmet

The Shoei Neotec II Helmet is the ultimate helmet for riders. It’s a seamless blend of advanced technology and exceptional comfort that offers an impressive level of safety, making it perfect for long rides on your Harley Davidson.

The shell of this helmet has been made using advanced CAD technology which allows the manufacturer to construct a larger helmet without compromising on weight. Advanced CAD technology has several advantages over traditional methods of designing and constructing helmets. For example, CAD technology allows the manufacturer to work in three dimensions and create a more detailed design than they could with normal two-dimensional computer programs. This allows the helmet to be built with a greater level of precision, resulting in a better fit for the wearer.

The EPS liner is made up of three different densities. The outermost layer is also the thickest, followed by the middle layer, and finally the thin, inner-most layer. This design helps reduce the overall weight of the helmet while providing better protection than other helmets of the same weight. The different layers allow the EPS liner to withstand impacts and absorb impacts better than other helmet types.

The inside of a motorcycle helmet can get pretty hot during long journeys. It’s important to be comfortable if you’re going to be able to enjoy your trip. The full ventilation system incorporated into the helmet makes it easy to stay cool. The vent in the front of the helmet allows the heat to escape. The vents in the top of the helmet open and close in order to provide air to the rider. The back vents can be opened or closed depending on the rider’s preferences.

2. AGV K6 Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K6 Motorcycle Helmet is a premium helmet that makes you look trendy and cool while riding on your Harley Davidson. The helmet has a sleek design and the aerodynamic shape helps in reducing buffeting, lift, and drag. This makes it one of the most preferred helmets for Harley owners.

The innovative construction of the helmet makes it not only very protective but also very comfortable in use. The carbon fiber outer skin is lightweight and very strong at the same time. This makes it a high quality product that is also very safe. The helmet is light enough to make it wearable for long periods of time without the wearer feeling sore or at risk of getting a headache.

This helmet has a shield that protects your eyes from the wind and UV light. It will keep you safe from the elements and make sure your eyes don’t get irritated or damaged from the wind or other hazards present on the road.

This helmet’s external liner consists of a water-repellant material that keeps rain and sweat from dripping onto your face during the rainiest of rides. The water-repellant material also absorbs sweat when it is hot and prevents it from dripping down your face, which can be uncomfortable.

3. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

The Shoei GT-Air II is the best harley helmet. It is one of the most advanced and safest helmets that provides enhanced protection and comfort.

This helmet can keep you cool and comfortable during ride. The venting system provides you with two ventilation channels that let fresh cool air in while forcing hot air out. This keeps you from overheating and allows you to enjoy your ride without discomfort.

The helmet features a visor that protects your eyes from debris and other people’s vision. The visor can be easily removed when needed. The visor also has a tint so that you can have some shade when you’re out in the sun. The helmet also has a UV coating so that you get more protection from the sun as well.

Another great thing about this helmet is that it’s designed to absorb impact and disperse that force. So if you do get into a crash, the helmet will be able to take the force and disperse it over a wide area. So you’ll be a lot less likely to sustain a serious injury.

4. Torc T14B Helmet

Torc T14B is the best helmet for Harley riders. It is a full-face helmet and provides great protection to the rider’s head.

It is made up of an aluminum shell, a layer of fiberglass and a soft protection layer on top. The aluminum shell provides maximum protection for your head, whereas the fiberglass has a high tensile strength that allows for the shell to be light enough to wear comfortably. The soft protection layer is made of a strong, yet comfortable material that is resistant to cuts.

The anti-fog thermal shield is one of the most valuable features of this helmet. It ensures that your vision is always crystal clear. Whether you are riding in the morning or evening, the thermal shield technology will provide you with the most optimal vision possible. The shield also has a UV protection coating to provide you with more protection from the sun. It is also removable.

When it is hot outside, we all want to feel as comfortable as possible. This is even more true for individuals who are spending most of their time outdoors. This is where a helmet like the Torc T14B comes in handy. This piece of high-quality protective gear is designed to keep your head cool and comfortable for long periods of time. It features the very latest in vent technology, which draws hot air from inside your helmet, allowing cool air to fill the empty space.

5. Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet

Bell Bullitt helmet is the best full face helmet for Harley riders. It is a stylish retro-inspired helmet that has been designed to keep you safe and comfortable on the road. The Bell Bullitt has a unique look that makes it stand out and provides great visibility with its large eye port.

The Bell Bullitt helmet uses a specially-developed, low profile 3K carbon fiber composite shell to create a unique look with an extremely aerodynamic shape. The aerodynamic shell shape is sculpted over the rider’s head, allowing the rider to comfortably wear the helmet in a tucked or upright riding position.

The helmet is crafted with an innovative venting system that keeps your head cool and comfortable in during long rides. Using a combination of chin intake vents and rear exhaust vents, this helmet channels the wind noise and heat away from the rider’s head. This high-performance ventilation system allows for the ultimate in comfort.

The Bell Bullitt is a premium helmet that offers advanced features and a reimagined style. Inspired by the iconic helmets of the past, it offers an exclusive blend of retro-cool style, modern and genuine craftsmanship. Built to offer more than just a stylish appearance, it encases your head with premium comfort and protection.


When it comes to the best motorcycle helmet for Harley Davidson, you can’t go wrong with a full-face helmet. There are many factors that contribute to the overall experience of the motorcycle helmet and a full-face helmet will protect your head and face in the event of a crash. If you are looking for a full-face helmet, we highly recommend the Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-Face Helmet. It has a carbon fiber shell, making it lightweight. It is DOT approved. This helmet is very comfortable and stylish.


By Mike Floyd

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